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“The pressure to rigidly adhere to this masculine ideal can make life pretty complicated for men “

Most Popular Programmes

The Freedom Programme For Men

Duration - 12 weeks

1 Hour a week

The Freedom Programme examines the roles played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and the responses of victims and survivors.

The aim is to make men become more aware of their behaviours as we discuss how Power & Control are used by different characters throughout the programme

We also take a look at what society expects from men and women, where our beliefs come from and how culture and our environment reinforce these beliefs.

The Freedom Programme also examines how life living with “The Dominator” is compared to life without “The Dominator” and how this affects the children 

The Nurturing Programme For Fathers

Duration 10 Weeks

2 Hours a week

The Nurturing Programme was developed to address these, and uses the following four constructs as building blocks of emotionally healthy relationships:

  • Self-awareness
  • Appropriate expectations
  • Empathy
  • Positive discipline

Although the four constructs were originally developed within the context of parenting, they apply to all areas of our work.

They are the building blocks for all emotionally healthy relationships, and are particularly important in forming emotionally healthy relationships between parent and child, teacher and pupil, and manager and


We specialise in working with High risk individuals from all backgrounds and communities


We believe education is key, it not often difficult to learn new things, but un-learning is what is challenging 


All individuals attending our programmes would be provided a certificate of engagement 

Programmes for Social Workers

Boost Your Teams expertise to better understand Abusive Behaviour

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

  • All Our Sessions Are One-To-One
  • All Our Programmes Are Offered 7 Days A Week 
  • Individuals Can Pick A Time Slot That Suits Them
  •  Trained Professionals From All Ethnic Backgrounds 
  • Offer Online & Face To Face
Experiance In The BAME Communty

We Have been working with the BAME community for over 10 years.

Individuals Learn Online at Your Own Pace

All our sessions are provided One-to-One, and we take each individual learning capability into consideration meaning we teach in a number of ways providing the best learning outcome for them

Real-time Feedback On Referrals

All service users are provided a Day 1 feedback, Mid review and final feedback, they can also request " Case Tracker File" for their referral which also provides up to date information on any missed sessions, facilitator notes and completed sessions


Its often how you deliver the programme that counts

Men have come through our doors
"I honestly didn't expect the programme to be the way it was, the facilitator was my age and from the same area so it put me at ease"
J.K - 28 Years Old
"I didn't want to attend the programme at first, but I was quickly told that we don't discuss our personnel issues at this was more of an educational programme i didnt feel judged and enjoyed it towards the end "
B.T - 45 Years old
“The Facilitator made me feel at ease it was like I was talking to a friend, I didn't realise how much I would learn , the skills i learnt definitely helped my in my family life”
N.A - 35 Years Old
I didn't feel like I needed to be on the programme,, after my first session I realised it was not what i thought it would be, I enjoyed the sessions and discussions, it is not often Men get together and have positive conversations
M.E - 23 Years Old