About Us

What we do

We implement Islamic Values into our domestic violence perpetrator programmes and parenting programmes which allows men to relate on certain subject matters that would otherwise be difficult to understand.

Who Are We

Improvemen specialise in working with men from the BAME community, we often work closely with the Local authority offering support to men who have supervision or court orders or are subject to child protection plans

Our Mission

We aim to remove all barriers for men who wish to attend our programmes, we implement as much of their own cultural and religious beliefs into our programmes allowing the individual a better learning outcome

Services We Offer

Refferal Process


Refferal Form Sent

  • Service enquiry and free consultation via email/phone
  • Email information about the programmes and costings
  • Record case details on our database
  • Review referral with panel of professionals and experts
  • Send confirmation acceptance letter and scheme of work 7-14 days

Refferal Form Accepted

  • Contact client and book introduction session 
  •  Conduct introduction and initial assessment with client 

SLA To Be Sent

  • Email breakdown of cost with initial proposal 
  • Agree Funding 
  • Send service level agreement and invoice 
  • Documents need to be signed and returned /PO raised (between 7-14 days)


  • One of our trained facilitators will contact the referral to book a Pre – Assessment 
  •  We will discuss times and dates he would be able to attend 
  •  The service user will receive a Day 1 Feedback Form which includes the Pre-Assesment

Welcome Pack Sent

  • An email will be sent out to the referral with the service user being cc’d which will include his welcome pack containing his start date and time.
  • Any resources such as books would be sent to him

Programme Start

  • A reminder text message will be sent in the morning of the day their session is to start

Why Men Engage With Us ?

All of the sessions we provide on our programmes are delivered One to One, we find this has the best learning outcome for men, it allows them to open up and engage and overall has the best impact 

Improvemen operates 7 days a week from 08.00 – 21.00, refferals have the option to book their time slot removing all barriers when it comes to attending our programmes 

Our Facilitators come from all backgrounds, we often match the refferals with facilitators from the similiar cultural beliefs to help with rapport thats needed throughout the duration of the programme 

We treat every indivudal that attends our progammes as a student, we refrain from talking about personal circumsatnces during the course of our prgramme and establish rules to ensure a healthy enviroment for both the facilitator and refferal

All our programmes are delivered online via Zoom or Skype, so the refferal does not have to attend any sessions in person 

(unless specified in the scheme of work that has been put in place ) 

Most men that attend our programmes have never been in a position where they have had positive conversation with another man. Improvemen gives them a safe and healthy enviroment to talk about subjects that are often not talked about

Some Numbers

We have worked with  

London Coucnicls
Social Workers
Law firms

Would you like One Of Our Refferal Forms ?

If you are a professional looking to send us a referral you are able to download our referral form online on the “Download” page, Alternatively you can email the admin team using the email address provided to request more information on the programme you are after