Helping Raise Awareness On Topics That Are Often Not Talked About

Working in the private, voluntary and community sectors we have been able to support many men and their families who are subject to Child Protection Plans, Children in need,  Supervision and Court orders

We have worked with


The Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a domestic violence perpetrator programme to help raise awareness on a man’s beliefs and where they come from?

Looking into Power & Control and how this affects relationships.

12 Weeks 

The Nuturing Programme

The focus is on the emotional health of the parents and baby, and the relationships between them

Focusing on the fathers role and how he also has an impact on family life


10 Weeks 

Family Links Talking Teens

The programme consists of four sessions, developed with Dr John Coleman, to increase parents’ understanding of teenagers’ feelings and behaviour, and deliver key strategies for maintaining and improving relationships.

4 Weeks

Understanding Mental Health

Looking into how looking after your mental health can help you to feel good. How it can stop some mental health problems from developing, controling the effects they have, and stopping them from getting worse 

4 Weeks 


Our Mentors help with choices like nutrition, exercise, social activities, and beyond. They help our youth think through problems they may have at home or school. 

We also have Mentors to support adults offering guidance and support in areas in need

Support Plan

Gender Roles

For young adults we explore what it means to be a man, how does society impact our beliefs ? where do our beliefs come from ?

We explore how our thoughts and beliefs are impacted growing up in a world where women are objectified and ask ourselves are there gender roles?

4 weeks

Service Users Training

We run the Freedom Programme for Social workers, solicitors, teachers and the probation, to better understand behaviours that are associated with abuse.

This is to ensure the awareness on the subject matter is widespread allowing services to better respond to individuals in their time of need

12 weeks


Integrating peoples religious and cultural beliefs for the best possible learning outcome

About us

Providing educational programmes for Men, Young Men and children

Improvemen specialise in working with men from the BAME community, we often work closely with the Local authority offering support to men who have supervision or court orders or are subject to child protection plans

We aim to remove all barriers for men who wish to attend our programmes, we implement as much of their own cultural and religious beliefs into our programmes allowing the individual a better learning outcome


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Its great to see a service that are able to cooperate cultural and religious beliefs into their programmes


What Some of The Men Say

"I honestly didn't expect the programme to be the way it was, the facilitator was my age and from the same area so it put me at ease"

JK - 28 Years old

“The Facilitator made me feel at ease it was like I was talking to a friend, I didn't realise how much I would learn , the skills i learnt definitely helped my in my family life”

BT - 45 Years Old

“The Facilitator made me feel at ease it was like I was talking to a friend, I didn't realise how much I would learn , the skills i learnt definitely helped my in my family life”

NA - 45 Years Old

I didn't feel like I needed to be on the programme,, after my first session I realised it was not what i thought it would be, I enjoyed the sessions and discussions, it is not often Men get together and have positive conversations"

ME - 23 Years Old